Blue Sky Institute (BSI) is a grassroots organization based in Utah.  BSI is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing outreach and education on social justice issues in the areas of Education, Human Rights, Environment; Sustainability and Responsibility.  Above all, the founders of BSI are committed to the preservation of life on planet earth through not only its programs, but also through ways that provide examples and leadership in the path towards educating all to respect the planet’s resources.


I pledge allegiance to all life

in its interdependent diversity;

and to the Planet upon which it exists;

one World, under the sky, undividable

with harmony and balance for all.

©  2001 by Blue Sky Institute


Without Justice, there can be no Peace.

Stop the Killing – No More Atrocities – Protect Civil Liberties

People for Peace and Justice Four Point Statement:

1.  We condemn the terrorists who committed the atrocities of September 11.  We’re against violence and all forms of terrorism, including war.

2. We defend the rights of all people living in the United States, including those who appear Middle Eastern, to be free from harassment, racial profiling and racist violence.

3. U.S. policy in the Middle East primarily serves the interests of multinational corporations, especially the U.S.-based international oil companies. We advocate a U.S. foreign policy that’s in the interest of both the American and Middle Eastern peoples.

4. At this time of crisis and war, it is crucial that we defend the Constitutional Rights and civil liberties that are fundamental to a democratic society. We invite you to join us in exercising our rights to freedom of speech and assembly as we work for peace and justice in Afghanistan and the Middle East, in the United States, and around the world.

Advocating for sustainable education and practices in food production. More information

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  • Tell Gov. Haslam: Veto the Strip Mine Tennessee Act April 24, 2018
    Earlier this month, the Tennessee legislature passed the “Primacy and Reclamation Act of Tennessee” (the Strip Mine Tennessee Act). If signed by Gov. Haslam, this bill will create a new regulatory body to oversee strip mining in Tennessee — one that is expected to be far more lenient than the current authority: the federal Office […]

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