Blue Sky Institute

Blue Sky Institute (BSI) is a grassroots organization based in Utah.  BSI is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing outreach and education on social justice issues in the areas of Education, Human Rights, Environment; Sustainability and Responsibility.  Above all, the founders of BSI are committed to the preservation of life on planet earth through not only its programs, but also through ways that provide examples and leadership in the path towards educating all to respect the planet’s resources.


Please help a locally owned community business!

Due to logistical constraints as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, All Chay Vegan Vietnamese Restaurant, located in the Fairpark Neighborhood of Salt Lake City, has had to close it’s doors indefinitely. The owners of All Chay have been generous to our community by providing space for our community greenhouse free of charge. They are kind and loving people. And their food is super awesome!

Blue Sky Institute is helping during this crisis by accepting payments for gift certificates that can be used at All Chay when they reopen. Please show your love and support by purchasing a gift certificate now that can be used at a future date – no expiration!

Go to this page to support All Chay!

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